Ultimate Fabric Protector

Ultimate Protection

You Have Investments… Your Carpet, Upholstery and Rugs.

Now protect them with a dependable, safe fabric protector to keep them looking good and retaining their value.

What is a fabric protector?

A fabric protector provides a protective barrier on your fabrics.

ULTIMATE FABRIC PROTECTOR gives you the confidence to not worry about spills or stains caused by, water, oil, or soil. Whether it is the soil tracked in form the front door, a soda spill. or a tipped dinner plate – you can quickly vacuum up the soil or clean up the spill.

Why use a fabric protector?

After treatment, spills and stains cannot penetrate your fabrics.

ULTIMATE FABRIC PROTECTOR will prevent soiling and staining. That coffee spill will bead up and be easily removed. No embarrassing stains to hide. Treatment gives all fabric stain and soil repellency.

Where is fabric protector used?

On any textile that might be spilled on or soiled in any way.

Your carpet needs protection against soil, water, and stains. Upholstery is subjected to soiling especially from body oils, food, and pets. Rugs often attract dust and sandal hair. All of these threats can be safely applied to most fabrics including silks, velvets, and cottons.

When is fabric protector used?

Right after delivery of new furnishing or right after cleaning by an IICRC certified technician.

ULTIMATE FABRIC PROTECTOR can be applied to new or freshly cleaned fabrics – any carpet, upholstery or rug. ULTIMATE provides a shield of protection without affecting the feel of the fabric.

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